Who are we?

Founded in 2020, we are a medical selling beauty company with a diverse portfolio of Egyptian, nature-inspired, innovative beauty and wellness products.

Products are manufactured at a Health, beauty, and cosmetic Factory named “Leven “, Manufacturing Factory is listed in the chamber of the pharmaceutical industries, Our long-term strategy is fueled by a strong innovation culture at Evan Pharma.

we are continuously developing the science of beauty, skin health, and wellness to meet the evolving needs of a diverse, global consumer base.

EvanPharma scientists are committed to creating innovative beauty solutions, inspired by nature and refined by science As part of our commitment to understanding all our consumers’ skin needs, we tend to ensure our product ranges are adapted to meet the diverse requirements of every consumer.

Scientists have considerable collective industry experience and expertise in the following disciplines: Biotechnology, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Skin Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Physiology, Toxicology, Phytochemistry, Biomedical Science, Engineering & Physical Science, Microbiology, Industrial Biology, and Nutraceuticals Beauty and business are the combinations of how you live, feel, look and act that make you beautiful – as a person and as a corporation.


How has Skincare originated since Ages?

The earliest evidence of skincare and makeup comes from Ancient Egypt. Preserving youth was a strong theme within their culture, not too dissimilar from modern times. However, they used ingredients like castor, sesame, and moringa oils. They also used olive oil and clay mixtures to cleanse their skin, milk masks to moisturize, and dead sea salts to exfoliate. Additionally, the makeup they created had two purposes: to help decorate their skin and also to protect them. Like the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Greeks relied on totally natural ingredients to create the elements of their skincare. Their regiment included lots of fresh berries, milk, olive oils, and yogurt. The 1700s globally saw skincare as an art form. Many people believed makeup was most beautiful when it was painted and layered on. Heavier makeup conveyed social and economic status. Popular skin care treatments during this time were saunas, sweat cleansings, and milk baths. During the 1800s, skincare was a privilege. It was seen as vital for those in higher classes to participate in, but it wasn’t necessary for those who were just trying their best to survive. For the majority of this century, skincare products were hard to obtain and expensive. Using products to lighten the skin was also popular. To do this, many people used items like harsh cleaners, oatmeal, lemon juice, and egg yolks.

How has Skincare originated since Ages?

Fortunately for everyone, the 1900s and current times are when skincare really exploded. This century saw the birth of countless businesses for makeup and skincare products. For example, sunscreen wasn’t created until 1944. This also means that beauty products stopped being a privilege and became readily available for all types of people, no matter their economic status. Additionally, we’ve learned that using harsh chemicals to change our tone isn’t healthy while darker skin tones became more widely celebrated. Now, we focus on using natural ingredients like the civilizations before us. We also protect ourselves and our skin by using items like sunscreen and vitamins. The rise of modern skincare started with the formation of the FDA in 1906 to regulate the industry. During this time, L’Oreal, Elizabeth Arden, Max Factor, and Maybelline all launched a range of skincare products, and the cosmetic world as we now know it, began to take shape. Today, skincare has advanced significantly and the development of new products features cutting-edge ingredients that aim to improve the look and feel of skin, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Our History

Evan is a masculine given name in whales by a Celtic – Welsh nation and ethnic group native to whales derived from “ Lefan”, they are the variations of the name John.

That’s related to the Irish word “ Eo’ghan” which means “YOUTH”.

We provide full transparency on ingredients because consumers should be able to easily make informed choices. We’re deepening partnerships to tackle complex health issues, starting with smoking cessation and preventable skin cancers because healthy lives require going all in to reduce preventable diseases. And, we are innovating to make our packaging more luxury and appealing.

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