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Our mission

From day one, we have been committed to revolutionizing the beauty industry with our
Science and sustainability. Inspire every woman to fall in love with herself, wear
Her natural look is proudly everyday, enabling her to reach her wildest dreams. our
High quality, natural and innovative cosmetics are a gift to give back to
The community and the world we love

Our vision

To be the most influential cosmetics brand in Egypt and abroad encourages your audience to choose to live healthy and happily in an environmentally sustainable way.

Our vision

The earliest evidence of skin care and makeup comes from ancient Egypt. It was preserving youth
A strong theme in their culture, not much different from modern times. However, they used
Ingredients such as castor, sesame and moringa oils. They also used olive oil and clay mixtures for
Cleanse their skin, milk masks for hydration, and Dead Sea salts for exfoliation.

In addition, the makeup they created had two purposes: to help decorate their skin and
Also to protect them from harsh sun and desert factors.
Like the ancient Egyptians,

the ancient Greeks

They have relied on all-natural ingredients to create their skin care items. Their regiment included plenty of fresh berries, milk, olive oils, and yogurt to create items such as perfumes, eyeshadow brushes, and even hair dyes.

During the eighteenth century

Skincare was universally seen as an art form. Many people think that makeup looks prettier when it’s drawn on and layered. Moving makeup heavier socio-economic status. Common skin care treatments during this time were steam baths, sweat cleanses, and milk baths.

During the nineteenth century

Skincare was a privilege. It was seen as vital for those of the upper classes to take part in it, but not necessary for those who were trying their best to survive. For the majority of this century, skin care products have been hard to come by and expensive. The use of products to lighten the skin was also popular. To do this, many people have used items such as harsh detergents, oatmeal, lemon juice, and egg yolks.

The twentieth century and current times

This is when skin care really exploded. This century has seen the birth of countless cosmetic and skin care businesses. For example, sunscreen wasn’t created until 1944. It also meant that beauty products ceased to be a privilege and became readily available to all types of people, regardless of their economic status. Plus, we’ve learned that using harsh chemicals to alter skin tone isn’t healthy while darker skin tones are widely celebrated. Now, we focus on using natural ingredients like the civilizations that came before us. We also protect ourselves and our skin with items like sunscreen and vitamins. The rise of modern skin care began with the formation of the Food and Drug Administration in 1906 to regulate the industry. During this time, L’Oreal, Elizabeth Arden, Max Factor, and Maybelline all launched a line of skincare products, and the cosmetics world as we know it now began to take shape.
Today, skincare has evolved significantly, and new products have been developed with cutting-edge ingredients aimed at improving the look and feel of skin, and we couldn’t be happier about it! Now that’s a revolution we can get behind!

Our Values

Inspiring our customers to choose a healthy lifestyle based on love for their natural beauty and the environment
Authenticity and honesty because our customers’ expectations, needs and well-being take center stage when it comes to our business.
Reliability and Integrity: If there is no trust, there is no place for success.
Sustainability, because our customers deserve healthy food ingredients that heal their bodies and don’t harm the environment
Take responsibility for your actions, words and results.
Quality and a rich variety of advanced skin care treatments ensure our product The ranges are adapted to meet the diverse needs of each consumer.
Professionalism and innovation: We are committed to scientific focus and Professional commitment to deliver premium quality all over the world
Educate our customers to raise their awareness of what is in the products Clients put theirs on their bodies, to help them make choices suitable for their well-being.
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